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Music therapy, an established and allied health profession, is the clinical and evidence-based use of music with all its elements to achieve non-musical goals and to help people to improve physical and mental health or functional outcomes.

Music, as a non-verbal medium, can express feelings that cannot be put into words. Music therapists are committed to supporting clients of any age and ability regardless of musical skill, culture or background.

In a music therapy session, instruments and voices are used to help people to communicate in their own musical language whatever the ability. 



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Every person is unique, and Stephen's sessions are person-centred based and tailored to the client's need and interests, creating an inclusive and supportive environment.

His approach is non-judgemental and compassionate, supporting you on your journey to healing and mind-body-spirit wellbeing. Therapeutic goals and objectives are developed and agreed upon between the music therapist and the client/caregiver. 


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Stephen is a counsellor and an HCPC registered Music Therapist and certified NMT Neurologic Music Therapist, with further training in Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, Metacognitive Therapy, Mental Health First Aid. He has a broad range of experience with different client populations, including adults with mental health difficulties, PTSD, anxiety and depression, children and young adults with learning difficulties and autism, elder people with dementia.

Within a holistic person-centred approach, Stephen offering a combination of talking and non-verbal approaches to help his clients in their life’s difficulties.

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"Stephen has amazing skills. He has worked with my daughter for many months and we can see incredible things happening. He is very kind, innovative and creative with his techniques. His work is geared towards real neurological, emotional and social development. His friendly and open personality, sincere dedication to his work and his flexible person-centred approach make him unique as a music therapist. I recommend him highly". 

Lucy H.

"The experience with Stephen has been life-changing for me.

I will be forever grateful to Stephen for his counselling skills and compassionate approach".

Luke J.

"Stephen has been working with our John for several months now and music therapy is enriching our lives and enhancing John’s creativity! His sensitivity, encouragement, skills and sincere dedication is one of a kind. I strongly recommend him!". 

Cathy W.

"Stephen was very comforting and I have been supported to clarify the things I was struggling with. He has a professional and supportive approach. I highly recommend him".

James B.

"Very pleased with the approach Stephen has taken to help my brother to deal with anxiety caused by grief and covid. Music has allowed him to deal with issues". 

Bernice G.