Every person is unique, and Stephen's music therapy sessions are person-centred based and tailored to the client's need and interests, creating an inclusive and supportive environment.       

"My approach is non-judgemental and compassionate"

Stephen offers 1 on 1 and group music therapy sessions in client’s homes, schools and care homes, including online sessions. He uses a variety of music therapy techniques depending on the client's need and goals, such as rhythmic activities, singing, songwriting, improvisation and neurologic music therapeutic techniques.

Therapeutic goals and objectives are developed and agreed upon between the music therapist and the client/caregiver. Sessions are typically 30/45 min of treatment time with 15 minutes for documentation and communication between therapist and client/relative/caregiver/activity coordinators.

Group sessions offer participants the experience to collaborate with peers in a safe social environment. They may help to improve social skills and foster positive aspects of teamwork, by increasing the sense of community amongst clients. 1 on 1 music therapy sessions can be more personalised, giving more personal space and time to the person. It is usually preferred by shy clients who are not ready or don't want to participate in group sessions.

Music therapy sessions provide sensory and intellectual stimulation experiences. Goals and outcomes addressed include communication and socialisation needs. It also improves motor functioning and promotes relaxation.

Stephen is also the Founder and Director of Music&Sound Therapy, a Music Therapy Association dedicated to providing a high-quality service accessible to all base in the UK, with national and international members and advisors. For info contact


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